New Hanover County Schools




New Hanover County Schools is committed to improving our low performing schools. The document above outlines our Comprehensive Support Improvement (CSI) Incentive Plan. We will differentiate support based on individual school need. The plan consists of initiatives to Recruit and Retain highly effective staff, District Support, Quality Curriculum &Resources, Data Literacy and Community Support.


Improving Low Performing Schools: Differentiating Support Based on
Individual School Need

  • Recruiting and Retaining Highly Effective Staff
  • District Support
    • Based on individual school needs
    • Tiered Teachers and Leadership Support
  • Quality Curriculum and Resources
  • Data Literacy
  • Community Support
    • Already in Place
    • Collaborate to determine individual school needs



CSI Incentive Plan

  • All Staff assigned to each school will receive incentive pay for the following categories: Recruitment-Retention and Effectiveness (EVAAS)
    • Recruitment-Retention incentive pay range: $250 - $5,000
    • Effectiveness incentive pay range: $100 - $4000
  • Classroom and EC Teachers who provide direct instruction to students can receive up to $9,000 additional pay each year of the grant
  • Certified Support staff, Classified staff (instructional & operational), and Bus Drivers will all receive incentive pay based on their role at the school
  • Assistant Principals will receive incentive pay $5000 + effectiveness pay ($1500 - $2000)