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e-Academy at the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley Allows Senior to Finish High School Degree Internationally 

New Hanover County School’s e-Academy proved to be exactly what an international student needed recently to finish high school and make her dreams come true.

Claudia Webb and her family came to New Hanover County Schools in the spring of 2018.  The family needed to move back to London,  but Claudia had one more year of high school.  Claudia’s private school could not assist the family, so they reached out to NHCS.  If the family moved back to England and Claudia finished school there, she would be caught in a loophole that could negatively impact her applications to a university.   She would have had to repeat courses required for graduation in the UK, which would delay her graduation date and delay her college start date and jeopardize her admission to college.

Claudia’s transcript indicated she needed four courses for graduation in NC.  District staff and school staff at Career Readiness Academy discussed and advised enrollment to e-Academy at Career Readiness Academy at Mosley  The online format would allow Claudia to finish her graduation requirements and be able to move back to London in the fall of 2018.  

Claudia enrolled in the e-Academy at the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley and took one course over the summer at Cape Fear Community College, through the CCP program.  She then began her final three online courses in the fall.  

The Webb family relocated to London, England in October of 2018, where Claudia finished her online courses successfully and graduated from New Hanover County Schools.  Claudia has received acceptance letters from NC State, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Greensboro and Campbell, stateside, and Nottingham Trent and Bournemouth University in England. The Webbs have expressed great thanks for the flexibility the e-Academy allowed their family.