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Laney High School Social Studies Teacher, Richelle Dombroski Among Watson College of Education Razor Walker Award Recipients

Mrs. Dombroski

Vision, tenacity, courage, and sacrifice; that is what the recipients of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Watson College of Education Razor Walker Award must possess. New Hanover County Schools is proud to announce that that is exactly what Laney High School Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Richelle Dombroski represents. Mrs. Dombroski is quoted by those who know her best as harboring a contagious passion for teaching and is an advocate for programs that develop North Carolina’s teachers and advocates of education.

Mrs. Dombroski has been an educator for 32 years spending all but three of those as a Buccaneer, teaching American History. “My goal is to help students to develop a love of history while also preparing them for success. I hope to prepare students for the next level of their studies. I also hope that I can help students to develop the necessary skills to be informed and engaged citizens when they move beyond the classroom.” says Mrs. Dombroski. In addition to teaching American History, Mrs. Dombroski piloted the “Teacher Cadet Program” in New Hanover County. The program encourages academically accomplished students to pursue a career in the education field and allows them to gain experience observing and aiding in classrooms. The program has been such a success and so instrumental that there are now former cadets teaching current high school teacher cadets. From fellow teachers to administrators, to students you will be hard press to find someone who Mrs. Dombroski has not impacted directly or indirectly. Her reach as an educator is far and wide.

The Razor Walker Award which The Watson School of Education has been handing out since 1933 encompasses all that Richelle Dombroski has done in her 30-plus years as an educator. She joins most recent recipients Governor Roy Cooper, District Attorney Ben David, Emma Jackson, and James “Mr. Mac” McAdams. Mrs. Richelle Dombroski is certainly in good company as one who is “walking the razor edge,” and New Hanover County Schools congratulates her on this special honor!