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New Hanover County Board of Education Announces Board Scholarship Future Teacher Recipients

Kennedy Martin
Elmer Rodriquez-Fuentes
Emma Brinkley
Kelsey McCrary

The New Hanover County Board of Education has announced the recipients of their Board Scholarship for Future Teachers. The scholarship in the amount of $28,000 each for each of the four recipients goes to Kennedy Martin from Laney High School, Elmer Rodriquez- Fuentes from Laney High School, Emma Brinkley from Hoggard High School, and Kelsey McCrary from Ashley High School.

“Our Board recognizes the critical need for teachers in New Hanover County,"  says Board of Education Chair Lisa Estep. “There is no better way of growing a strong talent pool than by investing in our own amazing students, empowering them as they start their higher education journeys and eventually welcoming them back to our district and community as qualified teachers.”  
The Board honored the recipients at the June 2, 2020 Board Meeting via zoom. Presenting the four students with trophies, medals, and an engraving on the Board Scholarship Plaque located at the Board of Education Center. Each student is expected to return to New Hanover County Schools as an educator upon completion of their four-year degree.