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New Hanover County Board of Education Issues Statement After July 1, 2019 Closed Session

The New Hanover County Board of Education issued the following statement after the Closed Session on July 1, 2019:
"To reiterate prior statements from the district, the New Hanover County Board of Education strongly and completely condemns the actions of Michael Earl Kelly who pled guilty last week to numerous crimes. The Board expresses our sorrow to all the victims and their families affected by Kelly's heinous acts. In light of allegations made against New Hanover County Schools during the recent sentencing of Kelly, the NHC Board of Education has launched an internal investigation into incidents that allegedly occurred in 2006. We will continue to fully cooperate with any and all ongoing investigations. Once the investigations are complete, we will take appropriate action."
Board Chair Lisa Estep presented this statement to the representatives from the media who were present after the Closed Session.