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New Hanover County Board of Education to Allow In-Person and Remote Call to the Audience

The New Hanover County Board of Education will be transitioning to a hybrid (remote and in-person) Call to the Audience effective October 6, 2020. Members of the public will be able to submit recorded comments that are no longer than three minutes or sign up to speak in person for a maximum of three minutes. 
Seating at all Board of Education meetings will continue to be limited to 25 audience members to allow for adequate social distancing. Seating will be made available on a first-come basis and can not be reserved in advance. 
If the number of audience members exceeds available seating, community members participating in Call to the Audience in person will be asked to wait outside of the Board of Education Center until it is their time to speak and will be asked to leave the building after Call to the Audience participation if necessary to maintain attendance limits.
For additional information and to learn more about how to participate, please visit the Call to the Audience participation page of Education/Call to the Audience and Policy 2310: Public Participation at Board Meetings