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New Hanover County Schools Board of Education Releases Updated Statement

New Hanover County Schools continues to work closely with the Sheriff’s Department regarding the allegations made against Mr. Pete Frank, a teacher at Roland-Grise Middle School. As of today, Mr. Frank’s status has changed from suspension with pay to suspension without pay. The Superintendent will be making a further recommendation to the Board of Education as appropriate. 
New Hanover County Schools are actively training administrators and other staff to better understand, recognize and report predatory behavior. The school system is committed to ensuring that all staff are trained and we are using the Darkness to Light Program to accomplish this goal. 
New Hanover County Schools and the Board of Education encourages anyone with information concerning these allegations or any such incident to report to a school official. Should a student, employee, or community member wish to share information, either anonymously or directly, please speak directly to a school or law enforcement official or you may use the Ethix360 Program located on the NHCS Website.   
It is the policy and practice of New Hanover County Schools to report allegations of sexual misconduct to appropriate law enforcement agencies.