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New Hanover County Schools Parents and Volunteers Honored at the Council of PTA’s Annual Awards Banquet

Some of New Hanover County Schools’ most dedicated volunteers were honored at the New Hanover County Council of PTAs’ annual Volunteers Banquet on April 10, 2019. The special event recognizes the hard work and dedication of volunteers throughout the district’s schools. Annually, these individuals contribute over 215,000 hours of recorded service across NHCS with a total of 27,731 volunteers. This volunteer service translates into over $5 million in manpower and services to our schools.

“The event is so important because we must recognize our volunteers, which are an integral part of the PTA. We want to show our volunteers how much we appreciate them and let them know they are doing great work in the schools,” said Bernice Johnson, president of the NHC Council of PTAs. The event paid tribute to the two volunteers of the year for each school. In addition, seven specially-named awards were presented to individuals and groups for excellence in service including “The Future,” “For the Cause,” “Making a Difference,” “Beacon of Light,” “Pinnacle,” “Outside the Box” and “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.”
PTA Council Future Award Winners

The Future Award - presented to a student that has demonstrated the heart of a volunteer either in a school’s community or in the community.

  • Savannah Brookman - Bradley Creek Elementary
  • Maddox Ross - Anderson Elementary
  • Trisha Guidi - SEA-Tech

For The Cause Award - An achievement award for PTAs that have successfully implemented and conducted a unique program or project that has involved families, students, and teachers. This project or program has improved the school or school’s community.

  • Carolyne DeGrammont and Murrayville PTA

Making a Difference Award - presented to a PTA community partner who has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the betterment of our schools, our children’s education or health.

  • Church of the Servant of Wilmington @ College Park Elementary

Beacon of Light Award - presented to outstanding leaders with a vision who have “mobilized the troops” in their schools. These are the volunteers that encourage and make others want to step up. They have guided parents, teachers and other volunteers through the many ways to be involved with the schools and the community.

  • Kim Badrock @ Parsley Elementary

Pinnacle Award - presented to an exceptional volunteer who has answered the call of duty with respect to bridging the gap between home, school, and community. This individual has continually and successfully promoted the overall wellbeing of students, families, school staff and the school community.

  • Lisa Beaty @ Alderman Elementary

Outside the Box Award - presented for outside of the box thinking and highlighting what can happen when a school and a PTA work together.

  • Alderman Elementary “Look Good, Feel Good” Campaign

Outstanding School Volunteer Award - presented to a volunteer who has made a measurable positive impact on their school’s community.

  • George Grusmark @ Mary C Williams Elementary


Elementary VOY#1 VOY#2
Alderman Merdith Manning Jennings Lathan
Anderson Bridgette DelPizzo Welborn Cindy Winter
Blair Cathy Cella Rob Normandin
Bradley Creek Taylor Aiken Robin Newlin
Castle Hayne Amanda Haynes Kristi Harper
Codington Lori Smith Susan Dyer
Eaton Jamie Armstrong Jacqueline Brown
Forest Hills Live Oak Bank Pamela Minor
Holly Tree Coffee Cart Guys Jay Biba
& John Croom
Erin Solomon
International School at Gregory Amanda Boomershine Caroline Scorza
Murrayville Fred Holloway Retha Rusk
Ogden Suzanne Reid James Little
Parsley Meghan Dzurik Kim Badrock
Pine Valley Britt Thompson Cindy Kuhne
Williams Jo Wainwright Lisa Burns
Winter Park Jeria Coleman Adam Hood
Wrightsville Beach Peyton Earey Jess Bell
Holly Shelter Pam Thornton Amy Baxter
Murray Wendy Vincent Shawn Blackwelder
Myrtle Grove Jill Bemstein Chrissy Feeney
Noble Regan Dumas Cheryl Yopp
Trask Danielle Bilbao Paul Bell
Ashley Susan Tyson Skip Tyson
IBECHS Melissa Story Karen Dash
Laney Lauren Zwack Pam Hutsell
New Hanover Leila Garriss James Kennedy
SEA-Tech Abby Stevens Jessica Guidi
WECHS Jill Stewart Peter Robichau