New Hanover County Schools




NHC Board of Education Approves Student Makeup Days Due to Hurricane Dorian

On October 1, 2019, the New Hanover County Board of Education approved the proposed calendar changes for student make-up days due to closings during Hurricane Dorian, submitted by Dr. LaChawn Smith, Deputy Superintendent.  The following previously scheduled teacher workdays will now serve as student makeup dates for each school calendar listed:
Traditional Schools and Pre-K Schools - January 2 and January 3
Year-round Schools (Codington, Eaton and Sunset Park) - December 13 (full day), December 16 (half day) and January 6 (full day)
Restart Schools (Freeman and Snipes) and Freeman Pre-K - September 30 and October 1 
Lake Forest Academy - No make-up days (extended student days reduced from 15 days to 13)
Isaac Bear Early Collegem- November 1 and December 19
SEA-Tech - December 16 and December 17
Wilmington Early College - October 4 and December 20
Students who attend Freeman Elementary School of Engineering and Snipes Academy of Arts and Design follow the Restart calendar and made up the days before Intersession on September 30th and October 1st.  The revised calendars are posted on the school system’s website at
For employees, because the buildings were closed on September 5th and 6th, district staff were required to submit leave time to be paid.  The Board has authorized that 10-month employees may choose to make-up the time at the end of the calendar school year by working two additional optional teacher workdays, as follows:
Traditional and Pre-K Schools - June 17 and June 18
Year-round - no changes
Restart Schools - no changes
Lake Forest - no changes
 Isaac Bear Early College - May 27 and May 28 
SEA-Tech - May 28 and May 29 
Wilmington Early College - May 28 and May 29
Employees opting to work two additional workdays will have leave time that was taken in September restored. The Payroll Department will coordinate with school payroll operators regarding the documentation process for this make-up time.