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NHCS Announces 2018-2019 Timeline for Application to NC Governor's School

The Governor’s School of North Carolina is the oldest statewide summer residential program for gifted and talented high school students in the nation. This program is open to rising seniors only with the exceptions made for rising juniors in selected performing/visual arts areas. Visit for the student application, cover form, and additional information about the Governor’s School program. 

Due to school cancellations, NHCS students interested in applying to Governor’s School will follow the timeline below: 

October 15th - November 2nd: Student application window for Governor’s School. 

October 30th: Informational session presented by the director of Governor's School at Hoggard High School at 6:00 p.m.

November 2nd: School deadline for student applications for Governor’s School. Students must submit completed application by 3:00 p.m. to the Governor’s School contact at their school*. Each student should complete the  NHCS Governor’s School Application Cover Form at or prior to submission. 

November 14th: Schools submit nominees to the district.

December 14th: NHCS Governor’s School academic and arts nominees will be submitted to the state selection committee by the district. 

By December 19th: All students will be notified by mail of their status by the district.

Audition Dates – Meredith College in Raleigh will host auditions again this year for Governor’s School nominees in the five arts disciplines. Campus availability is limited; therefore, auditions in Instrumental Music and Choral Music will be held in January. Here is the confirmed schedule:

  • Saturday, January 19th – Auditions in Choral Music and Instrumental Music
  • Saturday, February 9th – Auditions in Visual Art, Theater and Dance
  • General audition details can be found in the Nomination Packet, available for download from the website. Specific details (e.g., times, locations, preparations, etc.) will be sent to individual nominees in the late fall.

March 8th: Letters of selection/non-selection will be mailed to students from the Governor’s School.

*Questions and comments about the application process should be directed to the school in which the student attends. Each high school has a Governor’s School contact, usually the Gifted Education Specialist.