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NHCS CTE Department Launches Online College and Career Readiness Program

The New Hanover County Schools CTE Department is launching a new online college and career readiness program called Xello for students and staff. The software helps students bridge the gap between education and the real world as well as pursue their interests aligned to pathways offered in the district. The curriculum is adapted to individual student responses on assessments, inventories, and reflections, making the learning experience more meaningful. Xello will be used by middle and high school teachers, Career Development Coordinators, Special Population Coordinators and Counselors. 
 Xello key highlights include:
  • Interactive and engaging lessons to help students with 21st-century skills.
  • Reporting and student feedback functionality that enable CTE staff and counselors to better understand and respond to the academic and career needs of each student as they work on their electronic portfolios.
  • Connection to PowerSchool and NCEd accounts: Xello lives in each student’s account making the simple sign-on process easy to find and use.
  • The Course Planning feature seamlessly connects to PowerSchool, leading to scheduling efficiencies that allow counselors to spend more time with and better understand the next steps for each student to ensure pathway alignment.
  • College Planning: Many tools assist with and track post-secondary outcomes.
By implementing Xello, NHCS and CTE are working to prepare all students to be future-ready by providing insight into a variety of secondary and post-secondary pathway options. The program will introduce a comprehensive college and career readiness platform that has tracking/reporting capabilities and grade-appropriate content, building year over year. In addition, Xello will help ensure middle school students have the foundational skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions as they transition to high school.
For additional information please contact the Director of CTE, Shemeka D. Shufford, at