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NHCS Middle and High School Students Excel at NC Science Olympiad


New Hanover County middle and high school students recently participated in the NC Science Olympiad Tournament, which was held on the campus of NC State University.  Hoggard High School, finished 6th overall in the competition and Isaac Bear Early College High School finished 10th overall.
Medals were awarded to participants who placed among the top 10 in an event.  The following students are medal winners in individual events:
Hoggard High School - coached by Steve Clark and David Taylor
Jakob Triemstra and James Wilt, 3rd place- Fermi Questions
Cooper Hyldahl and Emma Johnson, 3rd place- Write It, Do It
Emma Johnson and Daniel Cheng, 4th place- Thermodynamics
John Poteat and Daniel Oh, 6th place- Boomilever
Anna Taylor and Daniel Cheng, 7th place- Chemistry Lab
Gabby Garner and Daniel Oh, 7th place- Forensics
Daniel Livengood and Jakob Triemstra, 7th place- Fossils
James Hardy and Copper Hyldahl, 9th place- Herpetology

Other participating team members included: Logan Bolduc, Daniel Brandon, Terry Han, Nick Hargrove, Chloe Joseph, Hoke Pollock, and Katrielle Soussana.

Isaac Bear Early College High School - coached by Bryan Bishop
David Richman and Grayson Syster, 3rd place- Mousetrap Vehicle
Zane Dash and Varun Varadarajan, 4th place- Chemistry Lab 
Yasmin Azizi, Vidya Gadikota, and Varun Varadarajan, 6th place- Experimental Design
Zane Dash and Katherine Johnson, 8th place- Dynamic Planet
JJ Guo and Varun Varadarajan, 8th place- Forensics 

Other participating team members included: Susie Cantonwine, Winston Davis, Alisha Fariz, Sam Izzo, Sophie Jones, George Karadzov, Sammy Kline, Tab Taylor, Jacob Usher, and Cole Woodson.

Laney High School - coached by Deborah Gill
Cody Curran, Luke Mueller, and Amy Leister, 1st place- Stuck on Science
Connor Whitlow, 3rd place- Detector Building
Amy Leister, Matthew Weaver, Priyanka Vadrevu, 5th place- Experimental Design

Ashley High School - coached by Gwendolyn Abraham
Savannah Canady and Grayson Harris, 1st place- Wright Stuff

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