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NHCS Students May Apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)

Students who want to accelerate their coursework to achieve their academic goals may apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM). The CDM process allows students to earn credit in a particular course by demonstrating proficiency in the subject without completing the classroom instruction. All North Carolina students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery in the available courses.

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery is a two-phase process:

Phase I: Establishes that a student has a strong foundational knowledge of a subject area, assessed through an End of Course test or exam. The student must achieve a Level 5 on the EOC/state assessment or 90% correct on the local exam, then the student may move on to Phase II.

Phase II: Establishes that a student can demonstrate and apply mastery knowledge of the course content. A student must provide an assigned artifact assessed by a school review team in order achieve credit for the course.

The timeline for applying for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery for the Fall of 2018:

August 13–31 Student Application window
By September 7 Test Coordinators submit tests requests
September 19 CDM Assessment at school sites
September 21 or 24 CDM make-up assessment dates
October 15 CDM phase I results reported to students and families
October 22 Artifact assigned to students going on to phase II
November 26 Artifact deadline (turned in to school CDM contact)
By December 14 CDM Review Panel disseminates results

Click here for a link to the CDM application. To learn more about CDM, visit DPI’s CDM website, or contact your school’s CDM Coordinator for more information.