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Students Working Under COVID Restrictions to Complete Certified Nursing Assistant Certification

Students will be coming together at Hoggard High School from June 22-25 for a socially distanced week-long lab to complete their certification as a North Carolina Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). These Career and Technical Education (CTE) students go on to employment in health care organizations such as rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, and hospice, many with job offers before graduation. 
Normally this class is an on-site internship at a local healthcare facility, but due to COVID this in-lab scenario was the only way to complete the course. Interviews will be available with students/staff and video opportunities will include the following labs:
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Perform Range of Motion exercises on a patient
  • Vital signs:  Pulse, Respirations, Blood Pressure
  • Feed a patient unable to feed themselves (safety checks for aspiration).
  • Ambulate a patient with a gait belt.
  • Safely place a non-ambulatory patient in a wheelchair using a gait belt. 
  • Dressing a patient with hemiplegia(one-sided paralysis).
The NHCS CTE Program provides financial assistance to keep costs down for students. The Pearson Vue test alone is over $100 for each student, and the CTE Program pays that expense.
CTE pays for other expenses and requirements of the clinical site as well:

1. Basic Life Support class and certification (same class Drs and RN's must take every 2 years)
2. Pearson Vue certification test:  $120 for written and skills test
3. TB screen
4. Drug screen
5. Scrubs

Many CTE students are employed locally and use their experience to advance to registered nurse, physician assistant, or other health professions. The students must complete two prerequisite courses covering human anatomy and physiology and disease, as well as a course on infection control, safety, communication, and the organization of healthcare