New Hanover County Schools




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To increase transparency and effective board governance, the New Hanover County Schools Board of Education is implementing Simbli, a paperless board management software system. Click on the Simbli icon to access board and committee meeting agendas and supporting documents.

The Chairperson appoints Board representatives on all committees  and will serve as an ex officio member on all such committees.


Budget Development Committee
Board Members:  Entire Board

Board Members:  Stephanie Walker (Chair), Hugh McMannus

Family Communications Committee
Board Members
:  Stephanie Kraybill (Chair), Stefanie Adams

Student Scholarship for Future Teachers
Board Members:  Entire Board

Policy Committee
Board Members:  Nelson Beaulieu, Stephanie Kraybill, Pete Wildeboer

Board Members: Stephanie Kraybill, Stephanie Walker

Board of Education Representatives

Advisory Council for Exceptional Students Board Member:  Judy Justice

Board of Directors for Head Start
Board Member:
 Nelson Beaulieu


Calendar Committee
Board Member:  Nelson Beaulieu

Board Member:  Judy Justice

Educator of the Year Committee
Board Member:  Stefanie Adams


Hannah Block USO Committee
School System:
Jakki Booth

Legion Stadium Commission
Board Members:
  Pete Wildeboer

Parks and Gardens Advisory Board
Board Member:  Pete Wildeboer

Board of Education Ad Hoc Committees

Bond Committee
Board Members: Stefanie Adams, Pete Wildeboer

Capital Request Committee
Board Member:  Judy Justice

Dress Code Policy Committee
Board Members:  Nelson Beaulieu, Hugh McMannus

Isaac Bear Early College High School Building Committee
Board Members: Hugh McMannus, Stephanie Walker

NCSBA Legislative Committee Services
Board Member:
Judy Justice    

Board Member: Stephanie Kraybill