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New Hanover County Parks and Gardens Advisory Board

The NHC Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has eight members which includes a Board of Education member and the assistant County Manager. Term of office is three years and members may not serve more than two consecutive terms and cannot be reappointed until at least one year after last term.

Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:00 a.m. in the Parks Conference Room, NHC Government Center, 230 Government Center Drive.

The Board shall suggest policies to the Department, the Manager, the Board of County Commissioners; serve as liaison between the Department, the Manager, the Board of County Commissioners and citizens of the county; shall consult with and advise the Department, the Manager, and the Board of County Commissioners in matters affecting recreation policies, program, personnel, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties related to the total county recreations program, and to its long-range, projected program for recreation.

The Board shall assume duties for park and recreation purposes as follows: 1) Make recommendations to set apart land for use as parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, water areas, or other recreations areas and structures, and suggest improvements of such lands and for the construction, equipping, and staffing of such buildings and structures as may be necessary to operate the park and recreation program. 2) Advise in the acquisition of lands and structures through gifts, purchase, lease or loan. 3) Advise in the acceptance by the County of any grant, gift, bequest or donation, any personal or real property offered or made available for parks and recreation. 4) Advise in the construction, equipping, operation, and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and all building and structures necessary. 

New Hanover County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Board Member:  Pete Wildeboer