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New Hanover County Schools could never achieve its mission without the strong support of our community partnerships, volunteers and mentors. Volunteers are our partners in education. They take an active role to support and enhance the development of our students. Every day, family and community member volunteers bring enthusiasm and skill into our schools while assisting staff, teachers and students.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our school system. Applicants may either be designated a Level I or Level II Volunteer depending on the type of services the volunteer provides and the amount of school based supervision the volunteer works under.  Volunteers should contact the school they will be volunteering to receive training. All volunteers are required to obtain volunteer training by the school site volunteer coordinator annually. 
Level I: Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in a supervised setting are not required to undergo a background check if they are continually supervised by school personnel during the school day. An applicant designated a Level I Volunteer should sign in at the Volunteer Check-in Computer. No online background application is needed.
Level II: Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in an unsupervised setting away from school personnel or who travel with students on an overnight field trip are deemed Level II Volunteers. For example, an individual who volunteers to come in on a weekly basis to teach an art class afterschool in the auditorium without a school staff member present in the room.  An applicant designated a Level II Volunteer must complete the online application and the criminal background check. Applications must be completed at least two weeks prior to the time you wish to begin volunteering. You may select the link below to the volunteer portal or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the school at which you are interested in volunteering.


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