New Hanover County Schools





New Hanover County Schools encourages families of students as well as businesses, churches and community members to get involved.  There are many ways to make a positive contribution to an area school or the district.

Every day, volunteers change the lives of students across New Hanover County Schools and offer many ways for people in the community to get involved.  Some examples of volunteer opportunities in NHCS include: Business and Community Partnerships allow businesses, churches, clubs, and social groups to engage, contribute and get involved.  

We encourage and support the development of partnerships that strengthen and enhance the quality of education and community connectedness.  The Public Relations Division’s Community Relations Coordinator helps establish, develop and maintain community partnerships, and we promote them so that everyone benefits and our community and school system are stronger as a result. 

End of Grade (EOG) 

Testing Proctors assist schools in maintaining test security and ensuring all testing procedures are followed.  Proctor volunteers are responsible adult community members (i.e., age 18 or older and not enrolled as a student in the K-12 public school system), who must be trained from the North Carolina Division of Public Instruction’s Proctor Guide and NC Testing Code of Ethics by the schools.

Family Partnerships allow family members to volunteer at their child’s school.  Family members interested in volunteering in NHCS should call the specific school’s main office for information about their volunteer program.  

Mentors to provide one-on-one attention, support and encouragement to students.

NHCS Advisory Committees allow parents and community members to provide advice to NHCS leaders.  Some advisory committees include the Advisory County for Exceptional Children (ACES), Business Advisory Committee, Gifted Advisory Council, Head Start Policy Council, and others.  You can find more information on the New Hanover County Board of Education page.

NHCS District Event Volunteers assist the district in having successful special events throughout the year such as the NHCS Teacher Trot and Best Foot Forward.

School/Classroom/Field Trip Volunteers assist schools for specific events and help ensure that events run smoothly.  Community members interested in volunteering in NHCS should call the specific school’s main office for information about their volunteer program.

Senior/Graduation Project Mentors assist and advise students throughout their required senior project.

Senior/Graduation Project Judges assist in scoring the senior project presentation that culminates all of their semester long work.

Tutors assist students in building their reading, writing, math and other subject study skills, and teach them to strive for academic success.

New Hanover County Schools has a Volunteer Program that community members can access for their volunteer interests in district schools.  Once a prospective volunteer submits an application and background check in the NHCS Volunteer Programs/Portal, they can contact volunteer at a school that fits them and the needs of the school.