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Marcus Langley's One-Man Show

Marcus inside the print shop surrounded by equipment

In the district’s 1,000-square-foot print shop, Marcus Langley manages to log 12 miles a day on his feet.

The air is cool to keep the copiers and laminators and binders running, and the paper from sticking. Over the whir of the machines he’ll blast some bluegrass and classic rock.

And then he’ll start running report cards on one machine, high school parking passes on another, brochures on a third, cycling around the room to run and stack and send off print jobs in a way that makes the word “multi-tasking” feel insufficient.

When people send jobs to “the print shop,” most don’t realize it’s a one-man operation, and that for 19 years that man has been Marcus Langley.

Marcus inside the print shop surrounded by equipment

“They think, ‘Oh, it's just a team of us,’” he said. “That's not so.”

Marcus single-handedly runs an average of 1.5 million copies per month for schools and divisions across the county, and perhaps more impressively, he completes most with just a 24-hour turnaround.

Even though the “customers” are all his colleagues within the district, customer service is his claim to fame.

“I like to make everybody happy. What makes me happy is when everybody’s happy,” he said. Being that single point of production doesn’t seem to stress him; if anything he’s buoyed by the opportunity to exceed people’s expectations.

“It really helps me out when people say, ‘Oh, this is so much better than I thought it would be.’ I take pride in my work, and that’s my thing: I like to impress.”

A trained graphic designer, Marcus also provides design work for everything from graduation programs to stickers, school logos to banners.

And though at times he might have 50 projects on his one plate, he often will get them running on his machines and step out to pick up surplus for his coworkers in the Purchasing Department, or fill in for a driver who’s out sick.

Brochures displayed from the print shop

Whether he’s responding to an urgent print or design request or helping someone out in a pinch, he is unfailingly patient, warm, accommodating, and professional.

He might work alone, and he might not always get recognition for the load he carries, but he sees himself as part of a larger team.

“I have no problem helping out anybody. That's one thing I will do,” he said. “I will do whatever I can to make the district look better.”