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Hoggard student council food drive. students pictured with canned goods
Students sit around canned goods collected for the food drive

There are always opportunities for giving and philanthropy within the school system. At the start of the school year, multiple back-to-school drives and stuffed bus vehicles are parked in front of stores. The essence of giving as our students return for a new school year is vital with our churches, non-profits, businesses, and clubs. The community rallies to ensure our students are prepared for success with book bags filled with pencils, binders, paper, glue, and crayons — allowing our students to learn of charitable benefits as they enter the classroom, if not before.

This philanthropic energy continues within the halls and classrooms of the schools. Educators, staff, parents, and families all demonstrate the importance of giving. Before kindergarteners enter their first winter break, they have witnessed coat drives, relay for life raffles, angel trees, or pet donations. With such intense passion and dedication to helping our fellow humans on display throughout our schools, it is no wonder that by the time our students are in high school, some even by middle school, they are already leading the charge and maintaining a social conscience to be philanthropic.

Students sort the canned goods from the food drive

Several schools across the district have hosted canned food drives for the food bank or Nourish NC this year. After coming across a social media post for non-perishable food items, a visit to Hoggard High School to recognize students and their humanitarian efforts was in order. 

Viking students were conducting a student-led food drive to feed families in the community through a partnership with Communities in Schools (CiS). The student council encouraged their peers to bring in heavily requested non-perishable items. Over 200 items were collected for 11 families, from beans, greens, potatoes, and tomatoes [soup] — you name it. 

students create tallies on the white board

When asked why they selected Communities in Schools to donate, the students responded, “the biggest goal of the student council is to help students.” With the numerous families that CiS works with, many of them have children in our schools — so working with this particular organization made sense in terms of giving back and ensuring that the student council was being effective in helping students. Our students are a reflection of our community. This year we are thankful for every positive interaction these students had from Pre-K to high school that instilled in them the importance of service and philanthropy.