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Bringing in the Bystander

For Immediate Release
December 01, 2020
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Dear Families,

Starting in January 2021 New Hanover County Schools (NHCS), High School Health and PE is adding a new program into the curriculum titled “Bringing in the Bystander.”  This program encourages students to advocate for self and others in the prevention of sexual and interpersonal violence and harassment.  Through the curriculum students learn to identify problem situations and learn practical skills for safe and effective intervention.

Bringing In the Bystander aligns with the following NC Healthful Living Standards to support the current Health and PE Curriculum.

Understand healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships. 
Illustrate the ability to respond to others with empathy. 
Classify negotiation and collaboration skills as helpful or harmful in solving problems or resolving conflicts.
Illustrate strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict without harming self or others.
Summarize principles of healthy dating. 
Explain how power and control in relationships can contribute to aggression, violence and sex trafficking.

Create strategies that develop and maintain reproductive and sexual health. 
Contrast the myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes pertaining to sexual assault and sexual abuse with what is known based on law and research. 
Design safe plans for the prevention of sexual assault and abuse that include appropriate resources and needed skills. 

NHCS has contracted with Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. to provide highly trained, clinical instructors to work collaboratively with your childs’ Health and PE teacher to facilitate this curriculum.  These instructors and their supervisor attend specialized, on-going training to teach this research-informed program and will be present during each class.

As a parent, you also play an essential role in helping your child adopt healthy attitudes and behaviors in order to prevent sexual assault and sexual abuse.  I encourage you to discuss these concepts at home, especially as they relate to your family’s personal values.  Please join us for a Virtual Parent Night to learn more about this program.

Thursday, December 10 @ 6:30 (English)
Thursday, December 17 @ 6:30 (Spanish)

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You may also find information about this program at

If your student has already participated in the Health and PE Course and you would like them to participate in this program virtually, after school hours, please click here for more information and to register. Our first course will be January 4-7, 2021 from 4:00-5:30 and will be facilitated by instructors from Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.