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New Hanover County Schools High School Students Admitted into Governor's School of North Carolina

For Immediate Release

For additional information, contact Caress Clegg,

New Hanover County Schools has 16 high school students who have been admitted into North Carolina Governor's School. The program is a five-week summer residential program for high school students that recognizes gifted and talented students and helps them cultivate academic disciplines and the arts through unique courses.

Congratulations to the following students:

Gavin Reider, Laney High School

Maya McParland, Laney High School

Alexis Doran, Ashley High School

James Watson, Ashley High School

Varun Varadarajan, Isaac Bear Early College High School

Nina Noble, Isaac Bear Early College High School

Mairead Benson, Hoggard High School

Charles Wilt, Hoggard High School

Cooper Hyldahl, Hoggard High School

Shivani Patel, Hoggard High School

Sawyer Kohman-Eidem, Hoggard High School

Lily Shaughnessy, Hoggard High School

Chandler Wheeler, New Hanover High School

Emerson Sotir, New Hanover High School

Charles Mueller, New Hanover High School

Elina, Grooman, New Hanover High School

“Our district is extremely proud of these students. The Director of Governor's School personally contacted me to congratulate our district on such a strong group of candidates this year.” said Donna Sloan, AIG Supervisor, “The selection process starts at the individual schools. Then a district-level team reads all applications and rates the applicants using a rubric. We are so proud of all of the students from NHCS who applied for  Governor’s School,”

Of the offered disciplines, the 16 students will be versed in Math, Natural Science, Social Science, Choral Music, Visual Art, and English.