New Hanover County Schools




New Hanover County Schools Students Accepted to North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

New Hanover County Schools congratulate 15 of its students admitted into the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). The program is a prestigious two-year, residential program that intellectually prepares and empowers students for future careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. The following students have received admittance: 

Christianna Averitt, New Hanover High School

Madeline David, New Hanover High School

Lily Walters, New Hanover High School (Online Program)

Miller Dumas, Laney High School

Peyton Sumrell, Laney High School

Farhan Sanukri, Isaac Bear Early College High School

Elias Fariz, Isaac Bear Early College High School (Online Program)

Nicholas Conrad, Hoggard High School  

Myles Green, Hoggard High School

Macey Vines, Hoggard High School  

August Warshauer, Hoggard High School

Sahil Patil, Hoggard High School 

Sean Hession, Hoggard High School (Online Program)

Tabitha Lac, Hoggard High School  (Online Program)

Ava Sauer, Hoggard High School (Online Program)

Skye Solomon, Hoggard High School (Online Program)

Zoe Wilcox, Hoggard High School (Online Program)

The first of its kind, NCSSM has challenged and inspired gifted students since 1980 with its rigorous and hands-on approach to education. Today, the school ranks fourth in the nation’s top high schools and has served as a model for 18 other specialized schools internationally.