New Hanover County Schools




Student Ambassadors

NHCS Student Voice Team
Mission Statement: 
The NHCS Student Ambassadors are a student-led group that allows students to feel more involved, heard, and valued. Student Ambassadors aim to create a safe space for students to vocalize their opinions and share their experiences regarding decisions that impact ALL students.

Student Ambassador structures seek cooperation, collaboration, and co-construction between students and adults while focusing on three pillars of policy, procedure and day-to-day campus life.

Student Ambassador Norms: 
  • Respectfully and actively listen without interrupting;
  • Allow everyone the chance to speak;
  • Use patience to hear and understand the perspectives of others;
  • Understand that our views will not always align, but rather appreciate that we can learn from one another;
  • Avoid assumptions, foul language and blame;
  • Work collectively to bring forth solutions;
  • Respect the space and keep personal information confidential;
  • Understand that our words have power and impact; we are responsible for them.


Cassidy Thompson
Samin Bhan
Miles Pollock
Preston Hardgrove
Tenaya Toon
Orieanna Smith
Tallulah O'Callaghan
Aparna Dhulipala
Caroline Morrison



Staff Advisor:
Schala Harper