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Superintendent Student Advisory Committee

roundtable with members of Dr. Foust student advisory committee

What are the benefits of the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee?

The Superintendent Student Advisory has several important benefits:

Student Voice: The most important benefit of a Superintendent Student Advisory is that it provides a forum for students to voice their opinions and concerns about their school district. This can help ensure that the needs and perspectives of students are taken into account in decision-making processes.

Improved Communication: Regular meetings between the superintendent and student representatives can improve communication and foster a better understanding of each other's priorities and concerns. This can lead to a more collaborative and effective relationship between the superintendent and students.

Greater Accountability: A Superintendent Student Advisory can also help promote greater accountability and transparency in decision-making processes. By regularly engaging with student representatives and soliciting their feedback, the superintendent can ensure that decisions are made with the best interests of students in mind.

Leadership Development: Participating in a Superintendent Student Advisory can also provide students with valuable leadership development opportunities. By serving as representatives for their peers and engaging in meaningful discussions about education policy, students can develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Overall, a Superintendent Student Advisory is an important tool for promoting student engagement, improving communication and collaboration, and ensuring that the needs and perspectives of students are taken into account in decision-making processes.

Ella Grace Bullard
Grayce Jeter
Orieanna Smith
Julio Liima- Romano
Cassidy Thompson
Saahanne Aab
Gloria Saldivar Flowers
Malachi Thomas
Aymery Pittman
McKinley Lanier
Ella Hardin
Maria Sullivan
Jose Orellana Romero
Fisher Fletemeyer
Scarlett Grace Roque
Aaliyah Bland
Eden Chen
Nicholas Pekatos
Maya Roseboro
Maria Castro Paz
Luck Dimmock