New Hanover County Schools




Education Placement Requests

Placement Guidelines
Key Contacts for Educational Placements

Administrative Placements
- Dr. Christopher Barnes

Teacher Placements  - Andrea Raines

Guidance Counselor Placements -
Megan Demolina (Elementary)
Veronica Edge (Secondary)

Social Work Placements -
Donna Hudson

OT, PT, or Psychologist Placements -
Linda Rumsey

For application and additional paperwork regarding school counselors contact:
Megan Demolina (Elementary)
Veronica Edge (Secondary)

For application and additional paperwork regarding social workers contact:
Donna Hudson

For application and additional paperwork in all other areas contact:
Andrea Raines

The majority of the student teacher intern or field placements that occur in New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) are through either the Higher Education Partnership (HEP) program and or the Professional Development Schools (PDS) program and have a specific placement procedure that is followed. With the increased frequency of student teacher/intern placements requests made from online programs or non-HEP and non PDS program colleges and universities, the following procedures outline the placement process for requesting observation, field experience, internship or practicum placements.

Considerations for Requesting Educational Placement

An application requesting an educational placement for observation, field experience, student internship, or practicum must be submitted and approved before completing any work in New Hanover County Schools.

Observation and field placement requests must be made by September 15 for a fall semester and February 1 for a spring placement. 

Internship and practicum requests must be made by March 1 for a fall placement consideration and by September 1 for a spring placement consideration.

In order to confirm New Hanover County Schools has a working relationship with your current IHE, please contact the appropriate key contact in the area of your Educational Placement request.

Non-partnership IHEs  who wish to place students in our district are required to accept the NHCS Agreement Concerning Placement of Student Interns and Participants. 

This agreement must be finalized before consideration can be given to hosting student placements of any kind. All agreements are subject to the review and approval of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.

A formal letter of approval received from the Educational Placement Committee must be on file with the placement site and New Hanover County Schools prior to beginning in any school site. 

Candidates should not independently contact any school and arrange or request placements. We will do our best to provide the most appropriate placement, but placement is not guaranteed.