New Hanover County Schools


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Early Childhood Education

Our program offers Public School Classrooms and Private Childcare Sites across the county. This variety of placement locations helps our parents make the most convenient choice for classroom placement during the school year. We encourage all families living in New Hanover County who have a 3 or 4 year old as of August 31st to apply for the Early Childhood Education Program. Please note with school readiness and preparing for Kindergarten, priority is given to children who are 4 years old as of August 31st of the current year. 



Dale K. Spencer Building

1802 South 15th Street
Wilmington, NC  28401


Shannon Smiles, Director

Samantha Kea, Administrative Assistant
Gloria Lee-Taylor, Pre-K Specialist


Angie Casha
Instructional Specialist

Susan Peddle
Instructional Coach

Allison Wine
Behavior Specialist

Milena Cepeda-Andreassen
Parent Liaison/Enrollment

Sandra Sarmiento
Family Specialist/ERSEA
Johnson Pre-K Center
910-251-6155 ext 208

Justine Danner Mora
Family Specialist/Health
Johnson Pre-K Center
910-251-6155 ext 263

Michael Taylor
Family Specialist/.Family Engagement

Michelle Pledger
Family Specialist/Enrollment
CRA@Mosley Pre-K Center
910-251-6161 ext 105