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Mission Statement

Interscholastic athletics is a co-curricular activity and is an integral part of the educational process for student athletes in New Hanover County Schools. Athletics provide not only an avenue for the development of athletic skills, but for the development of the total person. 

Athletics teaches life skills including responsibility, accountability, team building, fair play, and determination.

The New Hanover County School System emphasizes academic accountability and fair play. It promotes attitudes and practices that keep winning in perspective and discourages activities that would be considered unsportsmanlike.



Athletic Forms

Athletic Passes

The athletic department at each of the New Hanover County High Schools has established a Student Athletic Pass, Senior Citizen Pass, and a Family Pass (for a family of four). These passes are for all regular season contests for the individual schools, except, endowment games, conference tournaments, and state playoffs. 

The annual fees will be:

Student Pass - $40 
Senior Pass - $60 
Family Pass - $250 (for 4) 
Individual Parent Pass - $125 

If you have any additional questions or concerns with this proposal, please contact the athletic director of your respective school.


Concussion Information


Facility Use/Rental

The gyms and athletic fields are scheduled through the Public Relations Department. To use the gyms there is a custodial fee and a rental fee. The fees and general user information can be obtained by calling Caress Clegg at 254-4319. It is recommended that you request the use of a facility as far in advance as possible. The demand to use facilities far exceeds the actual availability.   

Middle School Sports Schedules

   Boys Girls
  Football Softball
  Basketball Soccer
  Soccer Basketball
  Baseball Volleyball
  Lacrosse Lacrosse





Middle School Cross Country Schedule
Start Time – 3:35 PM Boys & 4:05 PM Girls
September 19th Wallace Park
September 26th Hugh MacRae Park
Oct. 3rd Olsen Park
October 10th Hugh MacRae Park
(County Championships)
October 19th Olsen Park
Saturday 9:00 AM Boys Race & 9:30 AM Girl's Race Tri-County Championships
(Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender County Schools)

NHCS Code of Ethics

Outdoor Activity Weather Advisory Rules

Parent Information

Physicals for Athletes
The physical offered each year to the prospective athletes of the middle and high schools is free of charge, and is sponsored by the New Hanover and Pender Medical Society. This is a great opportunity afforded students who will be participating in athletic activities for the coming school year. Dates and locations will be given to the students by coaches at the high schools and middle schools and announced by the news media. Prospective student athletes should complete personal information on front page of the  Athletic Pre-Participation Screening Form prior to physical.
Athletic Insurance
The NCHSAA Mandatory High School Catastrophic Insurance Program offers basic insurance coverage for athletes and coaches of middle and high school. The Athletic Department pays for this insurance coverage each year.   **Athletic Insurance is a secondary coverage.**
Athletic Accident Insurance

Information on the Athletic Accident Insurance and the Voluntary Parent Paid Insurance can be found at 

Special Events


The Jamboree is sponsored by the New Hanover County Schools and BB&T Bank. The high schools who compete against each other during the school year start the season with the Jamboree. This is an occasion sustained by great parental and community support. The schools: John T. Hoggard H.S., Emsley A. Laney H.S., New Hanover H.S., Eugene Ashley H.S., Jacksonville H.S., Pender H.S., W. Brunswick, and White Oak. The Jamboree generates funds to provide scholarships for graduating senior athletes. 

Athletic Directors

Ashley High School
Kelly Lewis
(910) 790-2360 Ex. 129
Hoggard High School
Kristi Tinnes
(910) 350-2072 Ex. 72255
Fred Lynch
(910) 350-2089 Ex. 73455
Keith Moore
(910) 251-6100 Ex. 339
Kyle Williams
(910) 602-4046 ext. 243
Bryon Hager
(910) 790-2363 Ex. 413
Albert Hobbs
(910) 350-2100 Ex. 204
Bob Shaw
(910) 350-2112 Ex. 250
Allan Cox
(910) 350-2136 Ex. 346
Scott Andersen
(910) 350-2142 Ex.  76086
Williston Middle School
Andy Croom
(910) 815-6906 Ex. 420

Athletic Trainers

Ashley High School
Sadie Thomas
(910) 790-2360
Hoggard High School
Jonathan Barkman
(910) 350-2072
Laney High School
Pamela Dixon
(910) 350-2089
New Hanover High School
Matt Triche, Lead Trainer
(910) 251-6100 Ex. 74448