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I am Maria Black, ESL Lead Parent Liaison for our district: New Hanover County Schools! It is with excitement and anticipation that my team and I come to work each day to partner with you and help you in supporting your child in order for him or her to achieve academic and social success. Throughout my years with the county, I’ve come to appreciate and value your diverse backgrounds and the fact that you have a valuable story to tell. My team and I are here to support your child’s educational needs while taking into account and understanding your frame of reference and background. We are here to guide you, understand you, and keep you motivated and empowered as the leader you are in your own child’s future. Below are the names and contact information for all ESL Parent Liaisons. Should you have any concerns, questions or suggestions about our program, feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail. Below are the names and contact information for all parent liaisons and also a link to access the list of schools each liaison serves. Give us a call anytime! Here to serve you and work alongside you!

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Maria Black
Lead ESL Parent Liaison
(910) 254-4202


Luisa Brown

Luisa Brown


Naomi Mendez

Naomi Mendez