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Family Life Education


The mission of the Family Life Education Department is to provide a medically accurate and age appropriate human development and sexuality education that encourages parent/child communication, promotes abstinence and enables students to make responsible decisions regarding their health and sexuality.


ADMIN Building - Family Life Team (1st floor)
6410 Carolina Beach Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: 910-654-4200


Jayne Emma, MEd, MA/LS,
910-620-3154 cell
Lead Health, PE and Family Life Teacher - Instructional Services Division
GR. 5 - Growth & Changes

Mrs. Emma is NHCS’ Lead Healthful Living Coordinator and teaches Growth and Changes. She holds a bachelor's degree from the Univ. of WI - LaCrosse and two master's degrees: MEd from ECU and MA/LS from SUNY-Stony Brook. Mrs. Emma has been in the Family Life department since 2002.

James Castiglione
Middle School:  MY LIFE

Mr. James Castiglione has been an educator since 2003. He taught PE/Health for 13 years in Lincoln County. James has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health. He joined NHCS in 2016 with the Family Life Education team to teach the My Life program. He is married with one son.

Suzanne Tadlock
Middle School:  Stepping Stones

Ms. Suzanne Tadlock has been teaching Health and Physical Education in North Carolina since 1997. She joined NHCS in 2018. Suzanne taught 18 years in Wake County and 3 years in Durham County. Ms. Tadlock is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is excited to work in a school district that offers parents and students diversity in their Reproductive Health and Safety Education choices.

Lauren Tyson
Middle School:  Stepping Stones
Mrs. Lauren Tyson is a proud graduate of UNCW, GO SEAHAWKS! She began her teaching career at Trask Middle School as a Health and Physical Education teacher in 2004. Mrs. Tyson joined the Family Life Department in 2018 and is looking forward to a new adventure. 
Mrs. Tyson has been married since 2011. She and her husband have a son together. 

Margie Shuffler
910-520-7380 cell
Middle School:  Stepping Stones

Mrs. Shuffler has been teaching in the Health and PE field since 1992.  She has been teaching Stepping Stones since 2004. She appreciates New Hanover County's initiative to allow parental choices for their children's sexuality education and provide consistent curriculums throughout the middle schools.

Mrs. Shuffler has been married since 1994 and has two daughters.  She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has taught in Chapel Hill and in Brunswick County.

Jennifer Tucker
910-200-4598 cell
Middle School:  Stepping Stones

Jennifer has spent her entire teaching career in the NHCS system spanning from 1996 to the present. Originally the Health and PE teacher at Snipes Elementary she began teaching the Stepping Stones program with Family Life education in 2000.

Jennifer is a UNCW graduate, married and has two sons. She is an active member in the schools and community. She volunteers at her children's school any chance she can get and has worked with the Roland Grise girls' lacrosse and soccer teams. 

Elementary Program

Elementary School Program

Grade 5- Growth and Changes

This locally developed curriculum was implemented in 1981. The main topics are puberty, the reproductive systems including human reproduction, personal body safety, emotions, friendships, and for girls only, types and use of feminine hygiene products. Boys and girls are separated for all lessons in Grade 5.

This curriculum uses a variety of teaching methods including lecture, discussion, group work, role-playing, videos, worksheets, games, etc.  

Parents may learn more about the Family Life Education programs by attending the annual "Fall Parent Information Session", reviewing the curriculum at their child's schools or by emailing one of the teachers.   Parents will be notified of the date/location of the parent information session via Connect 5 emails and phones calls.   

Middle School Program

Middle School Family Life Education Program

Each year, parents of middle school students are given the opportunity to choose a Family Life Education course for their child. The two courses are: MY LIFE: Choices Today for a Healthy Tomorrow, an abstinence-until-marriage course or STEPPING STONES TO BETTER LIVING: Responsible Decisions, an abstinence-based comprehensive course. Parents can also choose to opt their child out of either Family Life Education course. 

Course Descriptions and Scope & Sequence Chart: 

Grade 6: English Version
               Spanish Version
Grade 7: English Version
               Spanish Version
Grade 8: English Version
               Spanish Version 

Both Family Life Education courses are taught during a portion of the student’s health or physical education classes and use a variety of teaching methods including lecture, discussion, group work, role-playing, multi-media, worksheets, games, etc. Students receive homework that reflects the day’s lesson. Students are encouraged to share this work with their parents. Students are tested for understanding and receive a grade for the course.

Parents can learn more about the Family Life Education courses by attending the annual Parent Education Open House, by reviewing the curricula at their child’s school or by contacting a Family Life Education teacher. 

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