New Hanover County Schools




Laney High School

Additions included a new 1,600 seat main gymnasium with support facilities and a new media center. The current gymnasium serves as the auxiliary gym, and the old media center was renovated into classrooms to meet the current educational specifications adopted by the Board of Education. Site improvements for vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, and for compliance with state stormwater requirements and local zoning ordinances. 

Laney Renovations $10,558,788

NHCS Project Manager:    Kim Gordon 
Designer:      Sawyer Sherwood & Associate
Contractor:   Barnhill Contracting Company

Completed:       summer 2017

Laney courtyard
Laney Buccaneers wall
Laney HS Michael Jordan sneaker case
Laney HS gym lobby
Laney HS new gym interior
Laney HS new gym
Laney HS gym
Laney HS courtyard
Laney HS new media center
Laney HS new media center
Laney Media Center
Laney HS Media Center