New Hanover County Schools




Charter Bus & Vans

New Hanover County Schools, in an effort to provide the safest transportation for all students, maintains a list of charter motorcoach carriers that are approved for use in transporting students during various activities. These carriers are carefully inspected to ensure that they adhere to specific safety standards before they are approved for the transportation of New Hanover County School students.

Pre-qualification background checks of commercial motorcoach carriers include site visits, reference checks, insurance documentation, driver qualifications, and review of the company’s drug and alcohol testing programs.  It also includes a vehicle inspection, a review of pre-qualification documents as outlined by the SCTSC (School Charter Transportation Safety Committee), and a review of contract requirements.

The schools should only use charter motorcoach carriers on the approved list maintained by New Hanover County Schools, but the schools will not be required to use any particular carrier on the list.