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Edulog Parent Portal Bus Tracking




New Hanover County Schools is implementing a new smart phone app that will allow parents to see where their child's bus is located in real time.  Edulog Parent Portal app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. 

Edulog Parent Portal provides the following benefits:

  • Accessibility. Parents can see essential student transportation details directly from a smart phone.
  • Security. Parents access their children’s transportation information with a unique, safe and secure login.
  • Accuracy. Parents can be confident in the information they receive, because it’s coming from real-time tracking information sent from the GPS system.
  • Alerts.  Parents can set up notifications by creating custom Alert Zones when a bus is approaching the assigned bus stop.
  • Messaging. Parents can receive messages about traffic delays, mechanical issues or bus substitutions.


Signing up is easy--View this instructional video on YouTube

Detailed Instructions For Setting Up Parent Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Will the Parent Portal work if there is a substitute bus?

A: Yes.  Substitute buses will be programmed in the GPS system so the Parent Portal will function properly regardless of what bus is actually transporting students on any given day.

Q: Will I receive notifications if I am in a poor or no cellular service area?

A: No.  Parents must have a good cellular signal to receive notifications.

Q:  I received a message from school officials through the Parent Portal.  Can I respond to the message?

A: No.  The messaging feature is only designed for parents to receive messages, not send them.

Q: Will the Parent Portal alert parents of a school lock down?

A: No. The Parent Portal is only used for bus related activity.

Q:  Will the Parent Portal replace phone calls when the bus is running late?

A:  No.  Parents will continue to receive late calls when deemed necessary.

Q: Can anyone download the app and track my student's bus?

A: No.  In order to use the app, parents must enter specific information that is not generally available (i.e. District Identification Number) to anyone other than the student or parent.

Q:  I have downloaded the app successfully, but my child has no scheduled transportation.  Why?

A: Your child must be assigned to a bus in order to see scheduled transportation details.  If your child is riding the bus without a proper bus assignment, you will not be able to see any details in Parent Portal App.  Make certain your child has a bus assignment in their school record.  Remember, students are de-assigned from the bus after 3 consecutive days of not riding the bus.