New Hanover County Schools




The Board of Education recognizes that students are fully protected by and have all rights extended to citizens, under the United States Constitution and the Amendments, and that these rights cannot be abridged except in accordance with due process of law.
The Hearing Board Office is charged with the responsibility of ensuring students receive due process when they are long-term suspended for the alleged violation of Discipline Policies and Rules. The Panel operates within the boundaries of procedures and policies specified in Board Policy #4300. 
The Hearing Officer and Panel Members understand that they operate under the authority of the Superintendent and the Board of Education. They also believe as the Board of Education believe that to be successful, public school education must be a partnership involving the school personnel, students, parents and community. The New Hanover County Board of Education further believes that the maintenance of high citizenship standards provides a school climate conducive to effective teaching for learning.
It is the policy of the New Hanover County Board of Education to encourage and enforce the exercise of individual rights within the necessary framework of an orderly, efficient and continuing school program, yet at the same time to recognize, preserve and protect the rights of all students in its educational system to an education therein. Within this framework, it is the policy and continuing duty of the Board, and the administrative staff and the faculties of each school to prohibit and prevent those actions or types of student conduct that constitute a menace to the continuing educational program of New Hanover County Schools, or that become dangerous, disruptive or destructive and, therefore, endanger the proper maintenance and functions of the school program.
The Hearing Board Office is here to uphold these policies, principles and rules with regards to the protection and respect for all children in the care of New Hanover County Schools. 

Glen Locklear

Hearing Officer


Dale K. Spencer Building
1802 South 15th Street
Wilmington, NC  28409




Student Safety