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Questions and Answers

How do I request a hearing for my student?

You can request a hearing regarding a long term suspension of your student as soon as you learn that the student is being recommended for long term suspension. 

Does the principal have the authority to long term suspend a student from his/her school ?

The principal only has the authority by law to suspend a student up to 10 days. He has to submit a recommendation to the Superintendent or his  designee for the long term suspension of a student. 

Can I bring witnesses, character references, agency representatives and others to support the student that has been suspended?

 Yes, you can bring people to help support your student during the hearing.   

Who will serve as panel members at the hearing?

The Hearing Panel consist of three panelists, the hearing officer, a community  representative, and an administrator from the schools or  the departments.  

Can I bring my attorney or a person of my choice to the hearing to represent me?

 The majority of the hearings are conducted without attorneys present.  Parents have a right to have an attorney present or a person of  their choice present.    

How long do the hearings normally last?

The hearings generally last about 1 hour. Of course, more time may be allotted  if the panel deems it necessary  in order to properly here the case. 

How long after the deliberation of the panel will the student be able to find out the recommendation of the Hearing Panel?

The parent and student will be able to obtain the recommendation of the Hearing Panel at least by the end of the day of the hearing by contacting the  Hearing Officer or the Hearing Secretary.