New Hanover County Schools




What Parents Should Know

"Just as the district and schools have safety plans that we review and update regularly, parents need to review their emergency plans."
Make sure that updated emergency contact information is on file in your child's school. This is particularly important if you have had a change in phone numbers.

Know what radio / TV stations to listen to for emergency information.

Be sure that the school has the current information about your caregiver.

Be sure your child knows what to do / where to go if there is an emergency and no one is at home.

Be sure your child knows how to reach you at all times.

Be sure your child knows what to do if he / she comes home early. Should your child call you or someone else to let you know?

Make sure your school has an alternate person to contact when there is an early dismissal due to a crisis event and you cannot be reached.

If your child has lost the key to the house and can't get in, what should he/she do?

Talk to your child about personal safety.

Teach your child how to recognize danger signals.

Make sure your child knows the sound of the smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sirens. Be sure your child knows what to do when he / she hears these sounds at home or in public.