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Personal Device Network

Connecting to the Personal Device Network

Staff and students are able to use their own mobile device(s), on the NHCS-Personal network, to both enhance existing digital teaching and learning opportunities and create new ones.  All schools are equipped with a NHCS-Personal network, but here are a few things teachers and students should know before getting started:
  • Students should check with their teacher before bringing a device to school for use. Please note that if your school is one to one, you will not have access to the Personal Device Network. You should use your assigned NHCS device.
  • Before adding a device to the Personal network staff and students must read Policy 3325/4312/7320.

Important Documents
Note: All users will be required to authenticate to the NHCS network and install a certificate on their device in order to utilize the NHCS-Personal wifi.
Directions for connecting to the NHCS Personal network are below. Click on appropriate device and follow the directions.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Question:    Does the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) apply to my own personal device?
Answer:    Yes, the AUP for NHCS remains in effect even when you are using your own device.
Question:    Why is content filtering necessary on my personal device?
Answer:    Filtering is required by federal law of all public schools. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all school system provided network access to be filtered, regardless of the tool you use to access.
Question:    Will my grade be affected if I do not have my own device?
Answer:    No. Devices are not required, therefore your grade cannot be affected.
Question:    If my child’s device is stolen or damaged while at school, what should I do?
Answer:    The district is not responsible for any damage or theft of student owned devices. Theft or vandalism of any kind should be reported immediately to the school so they can take the appropriate steps. 
Question:     Will my child have access to the same educational applications available on district equipment?
Answer:    Your child will have access to any web based application the school currently uses.
Question:    I have students on my campus who are accessing the Internet using their provider’s data plan (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) on their smartphones or laptops, bypassing the filter. Is this a violation of the student AUP?
Answer:    Yes. This is an AUP violation. Students must sign-in through the school network.