New Hanover County Schools





New Hanover County Schools is excited to announce that we are currently developing a comprehensive technology plan for our district. This plan will outline our goals for technology integration, as well as provide strategies for implementation and ongoing support. We believe that technology is a powerful tool for enhancing teaching and learning, and we are committed to providing our students and teachers with the resources they need to succeed. We look forward to sharing more information about our technology plan in the near future.

In order to develop a robust technology plan for New Hanover County Schools, it is essential to engage stakeholders from a diverse set of backgrounds and roles who interact with NHCS in different ways. As part of our planning process, we are proposing a series of engagements to gather input and feedback on the current state of teaching and learning in NHCS, as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders going forward, with a specific focus on technology use, integration, and requirements for achieving the goals outlined in our strategic plan and in alignment with the Digital Learning Plan requirements of the NC Department of Public Instruction. We believe that by engaging a wide range of stakeholders, we can develop a technology plan that is comprehensive, equitable, and effective in meeting the needs of our students, teachers, and community.

The New Hanover County Schools draft Technology and Digital Learning Plan outlines our vision, goals, and strategies to enhance technology integration and digital learning experiences for our students and educators. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we invite you to review the plan and share your insights to help us create a comprehensive and effective roadmap for the future of technology-enhanced education in our district.

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