New Hanover County Schools





AV Team

Terry and Wayne testing a Newline Interactive Display.

Wayne Chamberlain
Wayne removing the display from a iPad assisted by an Optivisor, a magnifying device used for detailed electronics repair.
Terry Schlipp
Terry removing a capacitor from an iPad main board with the help of a microscope and a camera attachment that displays on a high-resolution monitor.

Have you met the superstars of the New Hanover County Schools AV Team? They're none other than William (Terry) Schlipp and Wayne Chamberlain and they have decades of experience in electronics repair!

Terry Schlipp has been keeping our equipment in tip-top shape for the past 6 years. He's got a real passion for building electronic circuits, and it shows in the innovative troubleshooting techniques he uses to bring seemingly useless equipment back to life. In his free time, he not only enjoys reading scripture, but also creating with Autodesk’s Fusion 360, 3D printing, and laser and wood CNC work. And let me tell you, his designs are so cool, some of them take pride of place on my own desk!

Wayne Chamberlain is another one of our resident repair gurus, with 18 years at NHCS and 44 years of experience under his belt. He learned electronics repair during his time in the Royal Navy, where he fixed radar, sonar, and radio equipment. And now he's using those skills to make sure our equipment is running like a well-oiled machine. And let's not forget, this guy's got some serious talent when it comes to building scale models. We've seen them, and they're amazing!

Terry and Wayne are the dynamic duo that make up the AV team. They're responsible for keeping every piece of A/V equipment in every classroom in the New Hanover County School system running smoothly. That's no easy feat, but these guys are up to the challenge. They troubleshoot cabling and wall plate issues, configure Recordex and Newline interactive panels, repair document cameras, projectors,
iPads, laminators, and so much more. With Terry and Wayne on the job, we can all rest easy knowing our A/V equipment is in good hands!