New Hanover County Schools





Being a reader is powerful

It’s a gift you can give to your child, and a strength they can build for themselves that can lead to lifelong success.

When you are ready to read, you are ready to lead. 

In New Hanover County Schools, we strive for our student readers in all grades to:

  • Be proficient. They read with ease and at grade level. They understand what they are reading and they understand when to ask for help. 
  • Read to learn. Their reading skills strengthen their knowledge across subject areas, whether it’s math problems or social studies lessons or just a curiosity about a subject that’s important to them. Reading is the foundation on which their learning is built.
  • Value reading. They understand how it helps them in every academic area, in every part of their lives, forever. They want to improve their reading because they understand the value and power it brings to their lives, in school and beyond. 

In our Read Lead Succeed campaign, we are partnering with our families and community organizations to enhance the reading instruction our students receive at school and make reading a rich, personalized, and engaging experience for every student.