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COVID-19 - Positive Cases in NHCS Facilities

New Hanover County Schools and New Hanover County Department of Health and Human Services are meeting daily and working in close collaboration to monitor COVID-19 cases in schools. School nurses are NHC Public Health Department employees and the health experts in each school building. The district is following state guidance as provided in the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit and the expertise and guidance of public health experts in identifying and managing cases. 
The NHC Health Department is responsible for case investigation, contact tracing, and consultation regarding isolation and quarantine timeline. Confidentiality of personal and health information is maintained in all reported data.
New Hanover County Schools is making every attempt to provide accurate data related to positive COVID-19 case reporting in all schools and NHCS facilities.
Organization Chart of COVID-19 Identification and Communication

Suspected COVID-19 Cases in Schools:
Public Health will manage cases of staff or students presenting at least one of the following COVID-19 symptoms (fever, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, new loss of taste or smell) as carefully as possible by removing individuals from the school setting. Individuals will be advised on managing symptoms at home and isolation protocols. The length of recommended isolation may vary and could be for a period of up to 24 days unless an individual becomes symptomatic during that time, which could extend the quarantine period. 
For Additional Information or Concerns Contact:
NHCS Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services, Julie Varnum,, 910-254-4456
NHCS Safety Director David Spencer,, 910-254-4275
NHC School Nurse Supervisor Susan Brown,, 910-798-6520   
NHC School Nurse Supervisor Maria Turnley,, 910-798-6629
All reporting information is confidential. Due to the unique nature of each case, the Department of Public Health reserves the right to change procedures and protocols on a case by case basis.