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#NHCSReadySetReturn: Transportation

The mission of NHCS Transportation is to transport students to and from school safely, on schedule, and ready to learn. To ensure to the health and safety of students and staff, NHCS is following the Governor’s Executive Order and reopening guidance provided by NCDHHS and NCDPI for bus transportation under Plan B reopening of schools. 
Download the Edulog Parent Portal transportation app from Google Play or the iTunes Store to determine a student’s bus assignment, locate bus stops, and track a bus in real time.  
Requesting Bus Transportation
  • Requests for bus transportation must be made at your student’s school. Requests will be processed by transportation, and parents will be notified of the effective date route assignments, bus stop location, and times.
  • A Parent/Guardian Attestation form must be on file with Transportation prior to students utilizing bus transportation. The form may be found at The form may be submitted by email to or submitted to your student’s school.
  • The Parent/Guardian Attestation form is submitted once for the 2020-21 School Year.
  • The attestation form ensures proper screening of your student at home prior to leaving for the bus stop.
Procedures For Riding the Bus
  • Students will not have temperature checks or symptom screening before riding the bus in the morning or afternoon. Temperature checks and symptom screening will be done at the school upon entering the building in the morning.
  • Face masks are required for bus transportation. There are no face mask exceptions for bus transportation.
  • Under Plan B, the capacity of buses has been reduced from 72 passengers to 24.
  • Under Plan B, only one student is permitted per seat. An exception will be made for members of the same family.
  • Students will load from the back of the bus to the front, and unload from the front of the bus to the back to social distance.
Community Bus Stops and Bus Routes 
  • Due to the significant student capacity reduction on buses, NHCS has implemented community bus stops. Individual bus stops have been combined into fewer community stops within neighborhoods.
  • In many cases the number of riders within a neighborhood exceeds the buses capacity, and buses will need to run multiple routes.
  • Bus routes, stops and times for morning runs are posted at
  • To meet these requirements, bus routes have been reduced to 105 routes from 133 routes last school year.
  • Bus driver availability has also been affected by COVID-19. The number of drivers has been reduced due to retirements, resignations, and long term leave of absence from 136 to 123.
  • There will be a substitute pool of drivers available for normal absences, emergencies, and over crowed conditions.
  • Bus routes will be shorter to ensure students arrive at school on time and to ensure their safety through social distancing and other safety measures implemented this school year.
  • NHCS will be adjusting routes during the first few weeks of school to accommodate additional transportation request and address parent concerns when possible.
  • As NHCS transitions to Plan A, bus capacity may be increased and routes expanded.
  • If there are questions, please contact the Data Manager at your student’s school to first verify bus transportation has been requested. If there are specific questions concerning routes, stops and/or times, the Data Manager will transfer you to the Transportation Department



School Bus
Under Plan B NHCS buses will run with
24 students on a bus. 
One student per seat

There will be one student per seat on a bus.

Sibling may share a bus seat

Siblings may be allowed to sit together on a bus.

Student social distancing at bus stop
Students are required to maintain social distancing while at the bus stop.