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NHCS Guidelines for Synchronous Video Classroom Interactions

NHCS is continuously monitoring and enhancing internet security to protect students, families, and staff against cyberbullying, internet hacking, and other online security threats. The school district prohibits student access to social media platforms through the district network and instructs teachers to use waiting rooms and additional identification measures to ensure only appropriate students are present in online classrooms. If the online actions  reach the level of threats, malicious intent, pornography, illegal, and or criminal activities, an investigation of the Zoom/Google meet meeting is initiated by the school principal. Violations are being aggressively investigated and will be reported to law enforcement. 
Guidance for participating in online classrooms, including password protection, link sharing, screen sharing, supervision, what to do if inappropriate behavior occurs, and more, is available on the district website at Cyberbullying policies, reporting procedures, and support resources are being shared through the NHCS website, social media, and Connect 5 calls/emails to families. Student Support Services and school counselors are available to provide social emotional support and guidance.
  • NHCS will be using Zoom or Google Meet for Synchronous video conferences at this time. Please visit NHCS Zoom Setup for Teachers to make sure your settings are correct.
  • Use a random generated meeting ID instead of your personal ID when scheduling your meetings.
  • Set a password for your meetings. 
  • Teachers have to share with parents and principal that they are using video conferencing as well as the schedule and the purpose.
  • Participating in video conferences can’t be required for students.
  • Only send the link to join conferences to participants and their parents. Also invite your administrators (principals will determine who needs to be invited for each teacher). Do not post them publicly.
  • If video conferencing with just one student, the student’s parent or another staff member will need to join the session.
  • If inappropriate behavior occurs during a video conference handle using the same process as face to face but keep in mind that all other students are watching/listening (principals can provide more direction)
  • Dress appropriately
  • ALWAYS make sure you are the  first and last one in the "classroom" space and that you close the virtual classroom door. In Zoom this can be accomplished by enabling the waiting room then lock the meeting once all students are present.
  • Teacher need to enable grid view 
  •  Zoom--Teachers have been told to NOT give access to screen shares. This means students cannot put things on the screen, thus avoiding what is known as "Zoom Bombing," which is basically when someone who has that access hijacks the screen with images they want to share. But if teachers use the correct settings, this is not a problem.
    • The teacher also has the ability to turn off all student cameras and mics. Teachers should use these controls to manage student interactions and disruptions. 
  • NHCS does not create Zoom accounts for students
  • Teachers should require students to use their NHCS email to enter a Google Meet meeting
  • Once a Zoom/Google Meet link has been compromised, teachers need to create a new one
  • If students don’t choose to have their video displayed they need to display their first and last name. Do not let multiple students with the same name into a Zoom/Google Meet meeting until you can verify which student is the correct one.
  • If a class is too big for one teacher to monitor (HS homerooms) teachers may want to hold multiple smaller meetings