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There will be an Information Session December 13, 2023, at 6 PM in the Hoggard Cafeteria. You may also email the program lead, Mary Lillge at For more details on all information sessions , click HERE.

The Hoggard Pre-Diploma Programme follows the NHCS Signature Programs common application process and timeline. 
A video interview is required for application to Hoggard's Signature Program. Details regarding the video recording will be released when the application opens. 
Pre-Diploma Program
Pre-Diploma applicants are evaluated and selected based on a scoring rubric to include the following elements, middle school grades, standardized test scores, and a video interview. Teacher recommendations are also reviewed.  Please see Hoggard's IB Website for more details.
Diploma Programme
The Diploma Programme begins in grade 11 and carries through to the end of grade 12. Ideally, a DP candidate will have participated in our Pre-DP program before entering 11th grade.
Students entering, not having participated in our Pre-Diploma Program, must have the following prerequisites completed in order to be admitted into the Diploma Programme in the 11th grade. Pre-DP students who do not complete the prerequisites will not be recommended to continue the program.
  • Honors English 1 and 2
  • At least three consecutive levels of the following World Languages - Spanish or French
  • Honors Civics & Economics (or Honors Civics and Honors Personal Finance and Economics), AP or Honors World History. 
  • Honors Earth Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Math 1,2, and 3. (Pre-Calculus is only required for Math Analysis and Approaches.)
  • Health and PE
When a tenth grade Pre-DP student expresses interest in the full program, a personal meeting with the IB DP coordinator is scheduled. At this meeting, the student’s academics and career goals are discussed. A review of the student’s transcript, standardized scores, performance in Hoggard’s Pre-Diploma Programme cohort and teacher recommendations is undertaken. If the student, parents, teachers, or coordinator expresses any concerns regarding the appropriateness of participating in the full program, the issues are discussed and possible interventions and strategies developed, or alternate plans explored. Results leading to non-continuance in the program can include, but are not limited to, failure to complete prerequisite courses, academic misconduct, conduct non reflective of the IB Learner Profile, course grades indicative of non-mastery for honors or AP level courses.
Open Choice Pre-DP students who choose to exit the program will be reassigned to their districted school and must re-apply for Open Choice if they desire to continue attending Hoggard.
Any decisions regarding the participation in the IB DP must be approved by each student’s parent or guardian as signified by his or her signing of the student’s course request form completed in the spring of the preceding year of enrollment.