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The Lyceum Academy of New Hanover High School is open to all juniors and seniors in New Hanover County. This two-year program offers an uninterrupted time block incorporating alternative educational experiences where connections are made between traditional subjects. A team of 4 teachers instructs and guides students through the academy, which consists of approximately 100 students (50 in each grade level).  Classes in Lyceum are from 8:00 AM until 11:40 AM on traditional school days; afterwards students are released to take electives. Real-world application is reinforced through local and national field experiences. These hands-on experiences enhance the curriculum by engaging students in their academics outside the traditional classroom setting. Field experiences also help develop group skills through team building activities such as retreats, seminars, and social interactions. No students are excluded due to financial issues. Students are accepted through an application which begins in January during their sophomore year. The application can be viewed at


Pre-Lyceum courses for freshmen and sophomores offer students the experience of some of the hallmarks of the Lyceum program such as challenging coursework, interdisciplinary learning opportunities/team teaching across subjects, flexible scheduling, and year long classes. The classes are taught in a single year long block in which teachers have the opportunity to utilize each day as needed to incorporate a variety of instructional methods and lessons. Students are still eligible to apply for Lyceum if they did not participate in Pre-Lyceum classes.