New Hanover County Schools





The Lyceum Academy teaches all courses in an interdisciplinary manner. The courses that we offer have been carefully selected to fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as provide a well-rounded, solid foundation on which to begin a positive college experience. For Pre-Lyceum, our students take 2-3 courses that will occupy one block for both semesters. In Lyceum students will take 4 courses, 1 year in length, from each of the academic areas. This allows students to take up to 4 additional classes each year as electives.

Pre-Lyceum Course Offerings (Freshmen and Sophomore Years)

Freshman Year: AP Government and Politics and Honors English I
Sophomore Year: Honors English II, Honors Personal Finance


Lyceum Course Offerings (Junior and Senior Years)

United States Themed Year (2023-24)

English: Advanced Placement Language and Composition or Honors English

History: Advanced Placement United States History

Science: Advanced Placement Biology or Honors Biology 2


World Themed Year (2022-23)

History: Advanced Placement World History

English: Advanced Placement Literature and Composition or Honors English

Science: Advanced Placement Environmental Science

Math(taught in sequential order): Junior Year - Honors Precalculus

Senior Year - Advanced Placement Calculus or Honors Calculus


Students will choose from these courses and are not confined to all Honors or all Advanced Placement. If a student takes advantage of the Advanced Placement coursework, it is possible to earn enough credit to enter college as a sophomore through our program.