New Hanover County Schools





When can you apply?

Rising 9th grade applications for PreLyceum are active on the NHCS website from December 3rd to January 21st.

Rising 11th grade applications for the Lyceum Academy are active on February 1st until March 1st. That application link can be found under the New Applicants tab.


Who is eligible?

Students from any high school in New Hanover County.


How many students can participate in the Lyceum Academy?

Enrollment is limited to 100 PreLyceum Freshman, 100 PreLyceum Sophomores, and 100 Lyceum Academy total Juniors/Seniors.


What are the prerequisites for the Lyceum Academy as a Junior?

Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, English 1, English 2, Civics and Economics, Biology, and Chemistry


What courses should NOT be taken prior to entering Lyceum?

PreCalculus, AP Biology, AP English Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Calculus, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature & Composition, and AP World History


What time do classes begin on a daily basis?

8:00 AM, 30 minutes before the rest of New Hanover High School. This is specifically for the 11th and 12th graders. 


Is the academic load overwhelming?

While the work is challenging, teachers coordinate their scheduling of tests and assignments to make the workload manageable. Also, there is never more than one academic test in a given day within Lyceum. This coordination makes it possible to take up to 4 Advanced Placement classes simultaneously in the program. Additionally, students can have a recitation elective class each semester, which is a dedicated block for students to work on their assignments and get tutoring from their teachers


Do colleges recognize the Lyceum as an academically exceptional program?

Yes. Admission officers receive an addendum to each transcript explaining the program. Many universities visit and recruit on site. Schools both in and out of state have recognized the rigor of the program and give it high marks as well. Refer to colleges attended under the Lyceum statistics section.


Does Lyceum interfere with extracurricular activities? (I.E. sports, clubs, etc.)

On the contrary, a majority of club leaders, officers and varsity athletes are members of the academy. As a way to alleviate some of the workload, Lyceum offers both 3rd and 4th block study Hall/Recitation sections to allow students quality time to work on assignments during school while the teaching staff is nearby to help.


How much does it cost to participate in the Lyceum trips?

We offer 2 types of travel opportunities: Teaching and Enhancement Trips . We encourage 100% participation in the teaching trips as we will be covering class materials or providing a hands-on experience related to material recently covered in class. They range in price from $75 to $1100 and are from 1 to 7 days in length. Fundraising is offered to offset each trip’s costs. We have NEVER left a student behind because of financial difficulties.

The second type of trip is an Enhancement trip. These occur over weekends, school vacations and holidays. The costs range from $150 to $1100.

Some students also participate in international travel opportunities which occur immediately after their graduation. These trips are offered independent of the New Hanover County Schools system and are not considered Lyceum trips.