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Marine Science Academy

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The goal of the Marine Science Academy is to provide students with an enriching and rigorous education in a coastal setting while equipping them with twenty-first century skills designed to meet the challenges facing our global ocean. Instilling a lifelong love of learning and sense of stewardship about the dynamic North Carolina Coast will also be a major focus of the program.

Students who are interested in marine science can transfer to Eugene Ashley High School as a freshman and take part in the Biology Cohort that will highlight their interest in marine science. Sophomores and juniors can apply to the Marine Science Academy where they will complete college level Oceanography and Biology coursework. In addition students would participate in internships and marine technology opportunities at UNCW and CFCC.


The waiver will afford the students the opportunity after the successful completion of Oceanography 150 and Biology 170 to advance to the next level courses without repeating these courses at UNCW.  Waivers will not reduce the number of credit hours required for graduation in the student’s chosen major.  Oceanography 150 and Biology 170 will be recorded on the High School transcript as evidence of completion in order to receive the waiver.

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marine science students in the ocean
marine science students fishing
marine science students underwater snorkeling
marine science students with under water creature

Internships allow Academy students access to mentors and ocean research that they can apply to the AP Seminar or AP Research. Students that take both classes, plus additional AP courses can earn an AP Capstone Diploma. Students who complete the Marine Science Academy and Capstone Diploma will receive seals on their high school diploma attesting to their successful completion of both programs.

UNCW will provide waivers, in lieu of college credit for Academy students who decided to attend UNCW for Oceanography 150 and Biology 170 to fulfill University Studies requirements.