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Marine Science Academy

marine science students in the ocean
marine science students fishing
marine science students underwater snorkeling
marine science students with under water creature

Approved unanimously in 2013 by the New Hanover County School Board, the Marine Science Academy grew out of the school system's long standing commitment in supporting high quality marine science education. For over 50 years, New Hanover County Schools has provided financial and academic support to coastal and marine science education. 

The Marine Science Academy is a challenging academic program that combines college level oceanography and marine biology course work, career exploration internship, field research, and summer enrichment.  Students conduct authentic shipboard research, data analysis, and compose college level scientific papers.

The Marine Science Academy philosophy centers on the idea that students who are actively engaged in hands-on experiential learning are more likely to be successful.  Also, they make thoughtful educational and career choices.  Outdoor experiential learning fosters creativity, higher order thinking skills, and stewardship for our beautiful coast.