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Welcome Aboard!

The Marine Science Academy is for students who have a strong interest in marine science and are seeking possible career explorations.

The Marine Science Academy now has a 4 year pathway. Rising 9th and 10th grade students can participate in the Marine Science Cohort. In the cohort they will be grouped by their science class (Bio, Earth, Chem, APES). Students are also required to participate in a science club and participate in after school events. 

Rising 11th and 12th grade students can apply for the Marine Science Academy. In the academy students will take two semester long college courses vetted by UNCW, participate in internships, fieldwork and research cruises.

Students need to reapply for the Marine Science Cohort or Academy each year with in the deadlines. Information sessions will be provided each Fall and the application season occurs during the Spring semester. Students who are currently enrolled in high schools other than Ashley will need to complete a "Open Choice" transfer form if accepted into the Academy.